What We Do

With commercial tiling experience of over 30 years, WNY Tile & Stone Corporation is ready to provide you with the masterful craftsmanship your construction projects deserve.

Commercial Tiles

Our services are great for schools and academic facilities that need proper flooring for their students.

Industrial Tiles

Warehouses, department stores, health and fitness facilities – we can provide all of your flooring needs.

Residential Tiles

These tiles are perfect for a new or existing home looking for a remodel. Call for more information.

Concrete Polishing

Boring concrete floor? Renew it with polished concrete. Durable and easy to maintain polished concrete is the way to go.
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Porcelain Panels

Beautiful porcelain panels that will leave you floored! Comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Epoxy Flooring

Durable and easy to care for, epoxy flooring is the wave of the future!
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These cost efficient tiles encompasses all the benefits of vinyl and cork rolled into one.


Perfect for indoor/outdoor and high traffic areas, this flooring come in many different styles. Give us a call today.

Want to master the craft?

WNY Tile & Stone Corporation offers employment opportunities for those looking to expand their skill-sets or to learn the craft!